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Pork Filled Productions is a theater company whose mission is to provide support and opportunities for Asian American theater artists through development of new work and by producing plays that reflect the diversity of our stories and imaginations.


How we got here


Pork Filled Productions is the theater offshoot of the long-running sketch comedy group, The Pork Filled Players. PFProductions grew from a desire to break stereotypes and challenge the expectations of Asian American theatre. In 2007, we began presenting full-length stage plays, specializing in Northwest premieres of Asian American comedies, starting with Prince Gomolvilas' Big Hunk o' Burnin' Love (2007), Qui Nguyen's Living Dead in Denmark (2008), and David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face (2011) co-produced with ReAct Theatre.

After continually discussing and dissecting what it means to be an Asian American artist, the definition of "representation" began to shift from the stories about "the struggle" and "East meets West" culture clashes - to the more inclusive stories told by Asian Americans that reflect how diverse and varied our imaginations and creativity actually are.

By providing a nurturing space where Asian American theater artists are encouraged to share their stories, without being expected to tell "our" story, we aim to give our audiences a broader view of what is possible from Asian American playwrights and Asian American theater.

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